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Resting In The Hospital? Hahahaha! September 6, 2010

Posted by Joe in Family.

As Laura and I walked the halls of hospital in an attempt to usher on delivery of David in Friday night, we passed by the Post Partum area several times. Oh, how she longed to already be there rather than having to go back to Labor & Delivery. At 12:47 am Saturday, she got her wish and David joined us in this world. We’ve been in Post Partum ever since.

Post Partum is the area of the hospital set aside for new mothers to recover. Notice that I didn’t say to rest. There’s very little resting that happens in Post Partum. Maybe it’s that way in other areas of the hospital, too. Fortunately, I don’t really know.

Post Partum is a little like a summer camp or a slumber party. Every hour or so, someone wakes you up for some reason. At summer camp, it’s to hide your shoes or put your underwear in the freezer. In Post Partum it’s to check your vital signs or to make sure you’re resting comfortably and ask if you need anything. They are very attentive here. Actually now that I think about it, I haven’t seen my shoes in a while….hey!

Anyway, I’ve been staying in the room with Laura. There’s a chair beside her bed that pulls out into an apparatus for sleeping. I’ve nicknamed it the original transformer. Remember those crude toys of yesteryear that were supposed to be a motorcycle one minute and a robot the next? It only took 37 short reconfiguration movements and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering to make the transition. Actually the PhD was only required if you were over 12. Kids could easily change the toy from one to the other. As an adult, I think it’d be easier to broker peace in the Middle East.

Nevertheless, I’ve been sleeping on the original transformer beside Laura’s bed. And apart from the regular attention from the hospital staff, we’ve had a good and uneventful stay. Everyone is recovering nicely.

We’re preparing to go home now. We expect to be discharged before lunch. And we’re looking forward to it; there’s no place like home.



1. April Freeman - September 6, 2010

my mom (who has been in the hospital more than a human being should ever have to be) jokes about nurses waking people up to give them sleeping pills.

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