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A Real Labor Day Weekend! Welcoming David To Our Family September 5, 2010

Posted by Joe in Family.

Laura called me Friday afternoon to tell me that she had been having contractions most of the day. This didn’t alarm her since all of her pregnancies have included weeks of contractions before the big event. But since these seemed to be growing in intensity, she was going to head toward the hospital just in case. We live about 45 minutes from the hospital, and since this is our sixth pregnancy every minute counts.

She called again a little while later. The contractions were subsiding and we decided to meet at a restaurant for dinner instead. We’d still be closer to the hospital just in case.

After a nice leisurely dinner of Mexican food, we decided to walk to a nearby Dollar General store to buy the kids some candy for dessert. The contractions started back in the store. Mexican food and contractions: coincidence? I don’t know.

We weren’t in there long before I heard Laura call to me from another isle “Joe, we need to go.” When I got to her, she told me that her water had broken. That was at 7:15 pm.

We headed to the hospital, calling friends and family along the way.

When we arrived at the hospital, Laura’s mid-wife met us there. She was with us the whole time. She did a great job helping to comfort Laura and ease the baby into the world. I’d highly recommend using a mid-wife.

At 12:47 am, David Edward Webb was born. He had the cord wrapped around his neck, not once, but twice. At first he was very lethargic and that gave the attending staff cause for concern. They called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) personnel; they arrived within 60 seconds. After giving David some oxygen and fluids, they declared that everything was fine.

We’re still in the hospital; we’ll be released tomorrow morning.

We’re very thankful for the blessings we’ve received from the Lord and from our friends and family.

As soon as Bro. Jon heard about our admittance to the hospital on Friday, he came to see and pray with us. He also brought a gift bag of snacks and other things we may need during our stay. Guess he knows what hospital food is like.

We’ve also heard from friends from near and far who have lifted us up in prayer and have sent their well-wishes. We feel very blessed.



1. Rushabh Mehta - September 5, 2010

Congratulations to the Webb family on the new addition and thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures as well.

– Rushabh

2. Steve Jones - September 5, 2010

Congratulations and glad that he is doing well. He’ll be ready for some farm chores in no time

3. Marci - September 6, 2010

He is precious!! Congratulations on another little one. 🙂

4. Joe - September 7, 2010

Thanks Rushabh, Steve, & Marci!!

5. Beck - September 24, 2010

He is absolutely a beautiful addition to the family. Keep us posted with pictures soon. He’s already changed so much.

6. Dreamer - October 21, 2010

Congratulations! I know you are so proud. What a precious baby!

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