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May The Feline Be With You August 15, 2010

Posted by Joe in Family.

We’ve finally decided on a name for our new kitten. It will now be known as Darth Kitty.  There were just too many good one liners to pass up.

  • “May the Feline be with you.”
  • “Luke, I’m your kitten.”
  • “Come and feel the power of the kitty side.”

And of course instead of the heavy breathing, we hear a deep breath followed by a long purr.

Rachel has decided that she’ll call him DK for short.



1. Beck - August 16, 2010

Go ahead and admit it……you’ve always loved Star Wars.

I can’t wait to meet David (and DK) in September.

Joe - August 16, 2010

Of course I have. We watched part of Episode 4 last night.

2. Beck - August 16, 2010

Some things never change…..

3. Grams - August 18, 2010

I have met DK and have been charmed!
He is a good addition to the family/farm.
He has a loud purr and a good heart.
You picked a good one!

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