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When Opportunity Crows August 10, 2010

Posted by Joe in Farm.

Or in the way that The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show had two names for every episode “Make Hay When The Rooster Crows”

After supper, I went out to give the turkeys and chickens in the portable tractors some fresh water and I noticed that one of the tractors had some new residents. It contained three roosters we’d kicked out of the tractor earlier for being mean to the other residents. We had just turned them loose to forage and fend for themselves. And they’d done that well.

A couple of weeks ago I learned why they’d been so successful surviving on the outside. While I was processing some of the other chickens, I tried to catch the mean-spirited cockerels to include them in the day’s activities. I couldn’t. They were elusive little buggers.

This afternoon however, the playing field was leveled a bit. They had somehow worked their way back into the tractor and thus would be easier to catch. So as daylight was rapidly yielding to dusk, I quickly gathered my supplies and went back out to capture the three roosters for a quick processing.

As I entered the tractor, I was entering their domain. But I was able to capture two of them rather quickly. Unfortunately the third escaped through the same hole that allowed him to enter. Oh well, two out of three ain’t bad as they say.

So since the unexpected opportunity presented itself this evening, I processed two roosters for Laura to make into canned soup. It’ll be good this winter!



1. Beck - August 11, 2010

Guess this gives a different lesson to the saying “a bird in the bush”, doesn’t it. Maybe it should be changed to “two birds in a tractor”.

2. Beck - August 11, 2010

And, as Ms. Scarlett once said “Tomorrow is another day.”

Maybe you’ll have better luck with #3 early in the morning.

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