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“It’s my Berf-day!” January 17, 2010

Posted by Laura in Family.

Lydia has been eagerly awaiting her third birthday.  Ever since my birthday in the early fall, she’s been talking about it.  She’s had to wait patiently through Timothy’s, Rachel’s, and then Jesus’, but finally it arrived!

She helped to make the chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake.  Her favorite part was putting the “emmies” (as she calls them) on top of the cake.

Lydia put the frosting on but I helped her a little bit with the placing of the yellow M & M’s.

Almost too wonderful to eat.  Almost.


Timothy seconds that!  And speaking of seconds…


Lydia sings Amazing Grace January 11, 2010

Posted by Joe in Faith, Family.

Lydia turned 3 a few days ago; we’ll post some pictures from our celebration soon.

For most of her life, we’ve sung three songs to her each night as we tuck her in: Jesus Love Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, and Amazing Grace. She loves all of those songs now and will some times spontaneously erupt into song while walking down the isle at the grocery store, riding in the car, or sitting at the dinner table.

Tonight, I was able to catch one of her performances and convinced her to let me get the camera. Timothy was sitting in my lap so the video is a bit shaky.