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More uses for a stool November 30, 2009

Posted by Joe in Family.

My grandfather, J, made a stool for Benjamin when knee-high to a grasshopper as the saying goes. Over the years, it’s served our family well. It’s been a traditional stool used to reach things that the kids couldn’t and perhaps shouldn’t. It’s also been used as a desk, an impromptu resting place, and even a dancing partner.

Tonight however, Timothy and Lydia discovered it’s most recent use – as a push/pull toy to teach Timothy how to walk.



1. Beck - December 1, 2009

What a great video! Lydia is such a big sister trying to teach her younger sibling to walk (aka dragging her little brother along when he stumbles).

Aren’t you thankful for a big kitchen where they have room to play while mom prepares dinner?

He won’t need the stool before you know it!

2. AmazingGraze - December 1, 2009

How fun. I like how she stops and waits for him to get back up. What a good big sister she is!!

3. Dreamer - December 6, 2009

I can’t believe Timothy is already learning to walk! Aren’t they supposed to stay babies?

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