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Back to the Land November 18, 2009

Posted by Laura in Farm, Preparedness.

Since moving to our farm years ago, we have been working toward a more natural and self-sufficient lifestyle.  With God as the center of our lives, we have sought to live in a way that we feel is less worldly and more pleasing to Him.  As part of that, we have tried to increase the amount of our own food that we raise and put up food in times of plenty for the leaner winter months.  We feel that our understanding and connection to the entire food chain has made us better stewards of the gifts He has given us.

Recently, we took a field trip with the homeschool group to a working farm/store/school to learn more about aspects of homesteading that we do not do, specifically dairy cows.  The owners are wonderful people and we look forward to going back for future lessons on other topics.  Here are the older two children enjoying the “hands-on” experience.  Since I was helping Lydia, I didn’t get any pictures unfortunately.  Timothy was itching to get out of his stroller and join in but those ole Jersey girls were pretty much stretched to their limits having new milkers without a baby crawling through their legs!  🙂


Rachel did a great job milking Vanilla.


Benjamin got the hang of it really quickly.

The kind owners showed us how to make butter and treated us to homemade cookies and lemonade too.  Can’t wait to go back!



1. Marci - November 18, 2009

Nothing like good sweet creamy jersey milk. 🙂 Great job guys!!

2. Beck - November 20, 2009

I used to “help” my grandmother milk her cow. She would also make all of her own butter. Nothing better.

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