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Interesting Times and Our Reliance on the Power Grid November 11, 2009

Posted by Joe in Farm, Preparedness.

Hello all!  Hope you are enjoying Fall.  We have had
some light frosts here, but I am surprised that several things in the
garden still haven’t been frost-bitten enough to die yet.  Our
eggplants, for instance, are the size of mature shrubs and are still
putting out (ugly and kind of stunted) fruits.  Even the lima bean
plants haven’t entirely succumbed yet.  The harvested sweet potatoes
and cool-weather greens are breathing down my neck to be “put up”
before they go bad.  Overall, it’s been a pretty good gardening year.

There have been some interesting things in the news lately.  My brother and sister both mentioned the 60 Minutes piece that aired this past
Sunday evening.  It gave an overview of some of the vulnerabilities of
the American electric grid.  It is well-worth watching.  Here is a link
that I think will work.  http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=5578986n&tag=contentMain;cbsCarousel
It pretty much focuses on international espionage/terrorism as the
reason for knocking out electricity.  That is highly possibly-
depending on who you ask, maybe even the most likely scenario.
Regardless of how power could be knocked out, I feel better being
prepared to heat our house and cook food without having to rely on
consistent electricity.

Also, if you are looking for a really good (fiction) read about
Americans coping in a sudden “grid-down” situation, I’d recommend One Second After by William R. Forstchen
.  It’s quite a page-turner!




1. Beck - November 12, 2009

I ordered the book yesterday. Can’t wait to read it. We all need to be more aware of how dependent we are on things that are beyond our control.

The good news is that no matter how bad things could become, we have God who is always in control and He uses bad times to teach us to rely on Him and not ourselves.

2. Laura - November 12, 2009

So true! If we’re just willing to be taught, God will show us how to get to the other side of anything!

3. Beck - November 13, 2009


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