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Some pictures of Timothy October 29, 2009

Posted by Joe in Family.

While we were on a recent Homeschool Field Trip, a friend of ours took these pictures. She’s obviously very talented.


We didn’t even know she was taking our picture at the time.




1. Marci - October 29, 2009

What beautiful pictures. He really looks like Lydia doesn’t he?

2. Beck - November 2, 2009

The pictures are fantastic. He is really growing. So hard to believe he’s already one. You’ll have a great family and my love to all.

3. Dreamer - November 6, 2009

Beautiful pictures of the love you are sharing with your precious baby. How lucky he is to have parents like you.

4. Dee - November 6, 2009

Beautiful photos.
I would like to ask you about your hoop style pvc tractor.
What lenght are the sides and ends? How long are the pvc ribs?
They come in 10′ lengths. Did you use the whole 10′ for ech rib?

Joe - November 9, 2009

The last one that I built, I took pictures and measurements along the way. I’ve been meaning to put it all in a blog post but haven’t had the chance yet. Stay tuned, though. I’ll get it posted soon.



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