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Double Digits May 23, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family.
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I have a hard time believing it could be, but Benjamin has hit the big 10.  I am sad for me, but so excited for him.  He’s a great kid, but I just don’t like to see him getting so big.  Part of me despperately wants to set the ceiling at about 5 years old, but alas, I can’t and would regret seeing all my children can become and do if I really had that power.

Aunt Sheryl came out and we celebrated Benjamin’s birthday with his favorite meal- Build Your Own Dinner.  Here are some of our favorite creations.


Rachel’s kayaker.


Sleeping  Sombrero Man




A crab.


And we topped it all off with a pecan pie- one of Benjamin’s favorite desserts.


Tree-Climbing Dolts May 22, 2009

Posted by Laura in Farm.

For all their annoying habits (like getting their heads stuck in the fence and eating the blueberry plants 😦 ), goats (a.k.a. “dolts” according to Lydia) are entertaining.  I glanced out the window yesterday to see this.



No, they didn’t do anything particularly amazing to get up there, but it was funny to see.  Remember that tree that came down (well, partly anyway)?  The goats are able to climb onto the ends of the limbs that haven’t quite separated from it and and go up from there.  They are pretty proud of themselves.

School Year Wrap-Up May 19, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

As the days get longer and warmer, children (and teachers) all over start getting antsy for the end of school.  Homeschoolers are no exception.  Each May we look forward to those events that signal that summer is rapidly approaching and mark the accomplishments of the term.  Last Tuesday was the last class day in our enrichment program, last night we had our art show, and today was Field Day.

From the Art Show


Rachel’s lovely watercolor frog.  She is a frog lover like her cousin Sarah Elizabeth.


Benjamin took Oil Painting this year.  This is one of our favorites.


A colorful still life Rachel cut out in her mixed media class.


This includes an interesting reflection and could be displayed this way or upside down.

From Field Day


I love the classic drag-your-partner, win-at-all-costs going on to the left of Benjamin.



Rachel was quite happy with this ribbon because 3 is her favorite number.


The “Pillowcase Race.”  I distracted him so Benjamin was slow getting out of the gate.


I only saw one child cheat and hold the ball on the spoon with his finger while running.


Lydia may have been too young to compete, but she didn’t miss out on the best part- Snow Cones!

The Girl Scouts Father / Daughter Dance May 16, 2009

Posted by Joe in Scouts.

A couple of months ago, I had the privilege of escorting Rachel to a Girl Scouts Father / Daughter dance. We had a wonderful time.

Here’s a picture from the dance.  I love that girl!


A message from the Ad Council May 13, 2009

Posted by Joe in Family.

This is your daughter.

This is your daughter when she’s found Mommy’s makeup drawer.

Any questions?

Out of the mouth of babes May 11, 2009

Posted by Joe in Family, Farm.

Lydia’s vocabulary has grown considerably over the past few months and she seems very pleased about it. And so are we! She can communicate much better now, telling us what she wants rather than playing a frustrating form of toddler charades until we figure out what it is that she’s trying to say.

She frequently points at something and calls it by name as if to make sure we know that she knows what it is.

Her pronunciation, however, has lagged a bit behind her growing vocabulary. Sometimes when she says something, it’s not quite as clear as it could be. But that’ll come with time. In the meantime, it can be a source of great amusement.

For example it tickles us when she points at the goats and says quite confidently “Look, dolts. Dolts, Mommy, dolts”.

She probably more accurate than she realizes.


Here chick, chick! May 8, 2009

Posted by Laura in Uncategorized.

Lydia is so proud of her rapidly expanding abilities.   She has moved to a “big girl bed” and is delighted to be allowed to help however she can.  Her job when we put away dishes is to do the silverware- “Dis goes here.  Dis goes here…”  Who says you need a fancy sorting toy to teach that skill!  Here she is helping to feed chickens this morning.



And when we told Timothy about her accomplishment, he was very proud too!


“I just did what anybody would do.” May 6, 2009

Posted by Joe in Family, Scouts.

Last summer, Benjamin and Rachel were invited to a friend’s pool party to celebrate the end of the school year. There were about a dozen fellow homeschoolers there along with a handful of their parents. It was a beautiful day for a pool party and picnic. Everyone was having a good time swimming and playing.

A 3 year old little girl was there, swimming with the aid of her water wings. She eventually grew tired swimming and got out of the pool to play for a little while. She took off her water wings.

Later, when she wanted to get back in the pool, she had forgotten all about her water wings and she jumped into the deep end of the pool. She couldn’t swim. She began to sink.

Benjamin saw this happen and ran to the side of the pool, jumped in, grabbed her, and pulled her to the ladder where her mother was waiting to help pull her out.

Benjamin didn’t mention the incident. We learned of it later from the girl’s mother. I asked Benjamin why he didn’t tell us about it and he just shrugged his shoulders and said “I just did what anybody would do. No big deal.”

Through a passing conversation, the Middle Tennessee Council of the Boy Scouts of America learned of the incident. They asked for more information from the people there. And last month at our Pack meeting, they awarded Benjamin a Certificate of Merit.


And he got his name in the paper.

2009_04_29_11_33_04_2Obviously, we’re proud of him, as much for the character and attitude as for the act itself.