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Delightful Daffodils March 20, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

One of my favorite things about old homesteads is the unexpected places you come upon things.  Often times driving in the country you will notice a chimney standing alone in the middle of a shady area or you stumble upon an old farm implement of unknown use.  They are the only remaining hints of the lives of the previous residents.  Often daffodils are that way too.

Various owners of our farm have planted flowers while they lived here.  There are a few neat rows of bulbs that come up along the driveway, but the ones that interest me most are the ones seemingly in the middle of nowhere in particular.  There are several clumps of jonquils in odd places in the yard, a few peonies, and even some Lily of the Valley that spring up.  Even though they make mowing a bit tricky I always insist that they be left to grow, in part because they are pretty, but also in part because someone before us loved this place enough to plant them.

One of these places is a new find.  Down in the woods, nowhere near any former structure I know of, there are several groupings of daffodils.  The children always love to pick flowers for our table, so I pointed them out.  Lydia, being the “big kid” that she is now is never left out.  She has her own rubber boots and she wants to tromp along with us wherever we go.

Here are a few pictures from the flower picking a couple of weeks ago.  They just seem to beg for captions.


“We came all the way down here for THIS?!”


“Those are mine.” (Spoken like a true 2 year old).


“These are mine too.”


“All this flower-picking has worn me out!  I sure hope Mom appreciates my hard work.”



1. Marci - March 20, 2009

I love that last picture of Lydia. It WAS hard work Mom!!

2. Beck - March 22, 2009

After having the pleasure of Lydia’s company (and her older brother and sister) for a week, I can really appreciate the last picture. She is a true delight!

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