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The Fallen Giant March 19, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

We are fortunate to have hundreds of beautiful trees on our property.  We have enjoyed them so much for their form, shade, fruit, nuts, fall color, and wood.  In particular, we are grateful for the many huge old pecan trees that were probably planted by the original owners over 100 years ago.  They provide bountiful enough nuts for us, the squirrels, and the crows without too much squabbling among us.

Yesterday as I was going out to hang laundry, I heard a series of what sounded like rapid-fire shotgun blasts close to the house.  I turned to see the back third of a 75 foot pecan tree peel away from the trunk and crash to the ground, taking one of our perimeter fences down with it.  I was glad to see that the cows weren’t lounging underneath that (their favorite) tree at the moment.   I quickly moved the cows to a new pasture and let Joe know what had happenend.  Our weekend plans have now changed (top of the to-do list is to remove the tree and repair the fence).

A few minutes ago, while hanging more wash, I heard a series of creaks.  I looked over in time to see another section break away and land on a black walnut tree that has also borne nuts generously.  (I’m starting to think maybe I shouldn’t do anymore laundry!).


Here is a photo of the giant reclining in the pasture.  That speck to the left of it is Joe.

The tree poses a threat to livestock, other trees, a storage shed, and additional fences so the rest must come down.  We hate to see it go.  But always trying to find the positive- we’re well set for good firewood next winter.



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