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Cloth Diapers February 13, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family.

Back before the children came along,  I used to quilt.  I really enjoyed it but I just don’t have the uninterrupted time or undisturbed space to do it anymore.  Recently I’ve become interested in using cloth diapers to save money, but also so we produce less trash.  This led me to decide it was time to break out all those cute fabrics I had purchased to quilt with and put them to another good use.  Here are some pictures of the ones I’ve completed so far.

watermelondiaper2-12-2009 jellybeandiaper2-13-2009

happyfacediaperii2 peanutsdiaperii2-11-2009


I used elastic in the legs and the back and velcro closures.  I am considering trying snaps.  These are the “all-in-one” style that has a waterproof layer of PUL (it stands for “polyurethane laminate”, I think).  Some I have made with an open top so I can slide in an extra soaker layer, especially for bedtime.

Lydia doesn’t much care for the change, but I think it’s because she is aware she is wet now.  That was my other objective.  I want her to potty train soon and developing awareness is a first step.  I plan to make some in Timothy’s size soon.