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First Snow Day of the Year! January 28, 2009

Posted by Laura in Family.

As in every winter since Benjamin was a toddler, he has eagerly (and impatiently) waited for a good snow.  I’m not sure if what we got this morning qualifies as a “good one,” but beggars can’t be choosers.  After ice yesterday morning and rain all last night, it finally changed over to snow this morning.  The kids wasted no time getting bundled up to go outside and play.


Always the good big sister, Rachel helped Lydia adjust her mittens and hood.


But Lydia couldn’t quite get her thumbs in the right places and she was none too happy about it.


The kids set right to work building a snow fort from which they could ambush Daddy when he came home.


Do you have any idea how determined you have to be to scrape up enough snow from a 1/2″  accumulation, pack it into a rectangular cooler, and build a wall this high?  It took HOURS!


It was hard work- just ask Lydia.  Shhhh…  ask her later.



1. Marci - January 29, 2009

What precious photos. I love the ones of Lydia. However, I am thrilled to see her big sister being a good helper and the perseverance to build that fort. Way to go guys!!! I sure wish the could come and visit here. They would be loving all the snow. Ever thought of visiting Ohio? 🙂

2. Dreamer - January 29, 2009

Nice fort! We used to use a trash can to make rectangle snow blocks about the same size. Even with a “good snow” on the ground it still takes hours. Sometimes building a good fort is all we would accomplish before having to go in for the day. We just hoped it would stay cold enough that our fort wouldn’t melt before we could play with it. If it does stay cold enough, you can pour water over it, from a pitcher and make it rock solid. This is fun to do to a good sledding hill too! (Shh! Don’t tell your mom I gave you these ideas, the sled will go REALLY fast 😉

3. Kathryn Richards - January 29, 2009

You were lucky to have the 1/2 inch. We watched it fall and then melt since the temp down here never fell below 34 F. The kids enjoyed their day off. . . sorta – we did school all morning and played after lunch. Benjamin, Rachel and Lydia looked like they had a blast!

4. Grams - January 30, 2009

Maybe we will get another chance at snow.
Not fair if it melts after all that work.

5. reeska - January 30, 2009

We got even less snow than you did, so I couldn’t even count it as a “real” snow.

6. -Kev - March 1, 2009

I’ve seen Joe strike the same pose as Lydia at a few PASS board meetings! =^)

7. Sheryl - March 2, 2009

I love these pictures. Lydia is hysterical. Particularly the big poofey body and the relatively skinny boots.

8. Joe Webb - March 7, 2009

LOL, Kev! Yeah, there was once or twice I almost joined in the communal nap after the working lunch.

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