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Twittering December 27, 2008

Posted by Joe in Uncategorized.

A few months ago, I started using Twitter.If you’re not familiar with Twitter is a free web site where you can sign up and create your own little “what I’m doing right now” web site. Posts, or more aptly tweets, are meant to be short and sweet. They are limited to only 140 characters and are generally intended to let others know what you’re doing at that moment.

But I think it’s probably grown beyond that for many people. It’s almost a cross between blogging and Instant Messaging. You see, you can follow what other people are doing and even reply to them. Your Twitter web site only shows your tweets and replies. You don’t see other people’s tweets and replies. To see their replies you must follow them on their web page or through a Twitter application.

There are lots of good Twitter applications out there that allow you to follow a group of people without necessarily having to visit their Twitter web page. I have one on my desktop and one for my iPhone. I enjoy seeing what others are up to at any particular moment.

For me, I tend to tweet about my day and things that I’ve found interesting online. Some of those things are work-related. Others are farm-related. And still others are semi-random thoughts that come to me during the day.

I’ve added a “Recent Tweets” section to this blog. It on the right hand side near the top. You can see the ten most recent tweets that I’ve made. To see more, you can visit my Twitter page. Anything that starts with a @ sign is my reply to another Twitter person so that may not make a lot of sense since it will appear somewhat out of context.

I hope you find it entertaining. My only warning to you is that once you start down the Twittering path and build a network of followers and friends, it can become quite addictive. You’ll find that you regularly check to see what you’re friends are up to.

So, do any of you Twitter? If so, post a link in the comments section of this blog post.




1. starflakes - January 1, 2009


I was looking for information about Ameracauna brood hens and came here from your chicken blog. The ones I have from a hatchery on 2 different occasions have never set, nor have any of the hens including Partridge Rocks which were supposed to.
While I live a great distance from you, I was wondering if you had 2 hens and a rooster you would be interested in perhaps selling which are of a setting line you raised?
I think that the email link logs for you even if it does not show to the public, but if you are interested please drop me a line.
Thank you and God bless you and your family for 2009 in His Name. Amen

2. Ben Whorton - February 10, 2009

Joe – I Twitter and just found your blog today. Have bookmarked it and will share with my wife. We too are just beginning a foray into Christian agrarianism. My twitter ID is “whorton”.


3. Joe Webb - February 11, 2009

Thanks for the comment Ben! I hope you’ll share how your walk into Christian Agrarianism is coming along.

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