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Incoming! November 14, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Scouts.

Benjamin has enjoyed cub scouts since he finished Kindergarten and joined as a Tiger cub.  He is now a Webelo and loves it as much as ever.  At the meeting last night, the boys got to build a catapult to work on an “engineering” badge.


Nearly finished.


Now, let the war begin!  (And Lydia wasn’t left out of this battle.  She ran right through the middle of the combat gathering up ammo- ping pong balls- as fast as she could).


Rachel and Timothy took cover out of harm’s way.


Pretty cool project!



1. Marci - November 15, 2008

I just love the countenances on your children. They are so open and honest looking. They are adorable as well. Sure looks like big sister is enjoying that new one. What a great project and I am glad to see Lydia was a big help!!!

2. Sheryl Anderson - December 8, 2008

These are great pix!!! Rachel is obviously putting the skills to use she demonstrated in her project on how to take care of a baby.

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