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4-H Speeches November 13, 2008

Posted by Laura in 4-H, Family, Homeschooling.

Public speaking is listed as one the greatest fears people have.  Though Joe is an old pro at it with all the conferences he does and courses he teaches, public speaking is also one of the hardest skills to master.  It is no simple feat to give a well-organized, informative presentation in a confident and effective manner.  It can take years to become comfortable speaking before your peers, or worse yet, your superiors.  For that reason, we feel that it will be more easily accomplished if our children get an early start.  That’s not to say that we are pushing them into careers that will require it.  It’s just that we would like them to be well-rounded and prepared for whatever God calls them to do.  Here they are giving speeches to their peers and the parents.


Fourth graders all have to speak on the topic My Family.  Benjamin had practiced and practiced until he hardly even needed to glance at his notecards.  He made a point of making eye contact with his audience.  (I apologize for the picture quality-  I was zoomed in pretty far from the back of the room.  The leader also promises to have his name spelled right by the next meeting).


Rachel spoke on a topic near and dear to her heart- cats.  She read several books and looked up information online so she could develop a speech that told about their needs and development, personalities, and appearance.  She felt very nervous but it didn’t show when she spoke.

Both children did a great job and we are proud of them.



1. Marci - November 15, 2008

Good for them. That is an excellent skill to learn at a young age.

2. Uncle Chris - November 17, 2008

Not that’s a skill that will pay dividends down the road!

3. Uncle Chris - November 17, 2008

Typo…. NOW that’s a skill that will pay dividends down the road!

4. Sheryl Anderson - December 8, 2008

This is great. Especially good that they started with topics they are really comfortable with.

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