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Good-bye to the Toy Story Two November 1, 2008

Posted by Laura in Farm.

For the past year and a half, we have had two donkeys, Buzz and Woody.  This was my brilliant idea.  At one point, we were losing chickens to predators at an alarming rate but we wanted to add more livestock to our farm.  My reading suggested that the way to go was to get donkeys as guardian animals.  After much convincing, Joe agreed and we purchased two young half-brothers from a very gregarious old farmer not far away.

Woody and Buzz, named for some long-standing favorite movie characters.

This experiment will probably have to go in the “failed” category.  As we improved our periphery fences, the need for guardian animals decreased.  At the same time, the southeast was plunged further into drought and hay became scarce and expensive.  And just to add insult to injury, the brown donkey bullied the goats and calves he was purchased to protect.

We’ve become kind of fond of Buzz (the white one) and thought about just selling Woody.  There is something pleasant about equine companionship even if they aren’t “working” animals and we still miss our old horse Gus.  But we don’t need the donkeys and their upkeep was too costly not to factor in, so we listed them both for sale online.

Yesterday the new owners came to get them.  Neither Buzz nor Woody made themselves easy to load, but Woody showed his true colors and sat down on his rear end, refusing to move.  He was determined not to get in that trailer for a bucket of feed or anything else.  Finally, he was outsmarted and outmuscled though and off they went.  The pasture seems kind of empty now, but they are going to live close by so we’ll be able to drive by and wave.



1. Risa - November 4, 2008

I always thought it was funny to load a horse into a trailer. I imagine it was pretty hilarious, (as well as annoying,) to load a donkey in one. I don’t think that I’m signed in and I don’t feel like re-writing this or even c&p-ing it. And that was very random.

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