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Pumpkin Fun October 31, 2008

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family.

Though we are pretty conservative people with strong spiritual beliefs, we have no problem with taking part in some of the fall festivities we grew up with way back when.  We look forward to pumpkin carving, roasting the seeds, and putting on costumes from our collection of dress-up clothes.  We go up to church and play games and get candy and fellowship with our friends.  It’s always so much fun and there isn’t so much as a hint of the possible darker side of Halloween’s history.  We feel that what really matters is how WE celebrate and our intentions and the traditions we pass on to our children.

Darth Vader, a sweet ladybug, and a princess pose with their respective pumpkins.

A close-up of their designs.  (Okay, I helped Lydia a little).

The little 9-day old Pea-in-a-Pod slept through most of the activities.

In addition to the blow up bouncy things and games you always win to get candy, free snowcones & hot dogs, these Human Hamster Balls were set up in a Sunday School room .  Two children play by trying to roll the other into a corner or otherwise chase each other around the room.  Benjamin and his friend Zack had a great time.



1. Lea Ann - November 3, 2008

They are so cute – especially Timothy (he is so beautiful), the 9 day old Pea in a Pod. From the looks of it Benjamin has a pretty good understanding of Halloween! I guess it’s a boy thing. Dress in costumes-get candy-have fun with friends sounds about right for Halloween! For our family that’s the entire history of it!!!!

I am having a hard time taking in all the activity I see on this blog these days. Laura are you SURE you just had a baby 11 days ago?

Love to all,
Annie and Paw-Paw

2. Grams - November 5, 2008

I second that!
Laura … you are amazing!
What wonderful, fun and educational activities.
That Lydia is just so durn cute … that pose she is striking looking over Benjamin’s work is “So Lydia!”
Luv, Grams

3. Dreamer - November 7, 2008

I wrestle with the idea of Halloween every year. After I told my aunt about the history of the holiday she said “I never knew any of that, so it really doesn’t matter what the history is. What matters is how we celebrate it.” On one hand I agree with her, on the other I think…isn’t that the point, not to so caught up with the world that you don’t even know what you are celebrating.

All that said, Hannah was a princess and Faith was a kitty cat.

I love Lydia’s kitty pumpkin.

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