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High Wire Adventure October 30, 2008

Posted by Laura in 4-H, Family, Homeschooling.

For the city folk out there, “4-H is a community of young people across America who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills” (quote from the website).   All the groups I’ve known of have been in rural areas, but they may exist in urban areas too.  We joined last year as Clover Buds, but Benjamin has now moved up to the higher level.  It has been a great experience for us.

Our homeschool 4-H group had a super field trip on Thursday.  We all met out at a rock climbing wall/ high ropes course/ zip line built and maintained on a university experimental agriculture farm.  Joe was able to go with us and I think he had as much fun as the children.

Rachel preparing to climb the rock wall.

Off to a good start.

“Let me rest just a second…”

Benjamin scales the rock wall while another kid tackles the high ropes.

Joe nears the top.

Don’t worry grandparents, that sad look is because we didn’t let Lydia harness up.

Benjamin has made it to the top of the pole.

Now for the really scary part.

And there goes Joe…

All the way across and down the zipline.

What a great adventure!



1. Kathryn Richards - November 3, 2008

4-H is a great organization. I was involved in “urban” 4-H in GA starting in 4th grade when my mom became the city/county 4-H agent. I went on to become a Master 4-H’er in high school and my mom is now the City Extension Director for Columbus, GA. I’m so glad y’all are involved in such a great organization for both rural and urban kids!

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