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Girls’ Afternoon Out October 18, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family.

Benjamin is camping this weekend, working on his Arrow of Light projects in scouting.  Recent storms have brought trees down close by and our friends were glad to have Joe come cut them up for firewood today.  Benjamin and I got to have a final date night before Timothy comes (induction date is Wednesday) last night, so today seemed a good day to have some girl time.  Rachel, Lydia, and I decided to go to a ballet together.

The Nashville Ballet really wants to encourage young children to get involved in the arts, so they have been performing in various places that will allow children of all backgrounds and income levels to see them.  Today they performed for free at the downtown Nashville library.  We got to see the Carnival of the Animals.

There was a bit too much narration at the beginning for Lydia’s taste, but once the ballerinas took the stage, she and Rachel both really enjoyed it.  Members of the audience were invited to come up on stage and participate in the scene with the prancing horses.  After the show, all the children were allowed to go up and learn some ballet steps.  Both girls were eager to go.  Here are a couple of pictures of them performing.

I don’t remember the real name of this position, but it was described to the children as “beach ball arms.”  Lydia had ping-pong hands.

There was some leaping involved (and almost some toppling over).

And finally, take a bow  (or squat).



1. Marci - October 19, 2008

I absolutely LOVE The ping pong hands. How adorable they both are!!!!

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