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Tennessee History Festival October 17, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

Being about 45 minutes from a large city, the state capitol no less, offers us many opportunities for educational field trips.  Last weekend at the Bicentennial Mall in downtown Nashville, there was a Tennessee History Festival.  We got there right after it started and took a walk through history.

Along one side of the mall area, there are markers that tell what was happening in the state during each era.  Here are some of our favorites.

This fellow was truly half Cherokee from the mountains of East Tennessee.  He told us many interesting things that we hadn’t learned in our other studies of Andrew Jackson and the Trail of Tears.

The blacksmiths gave the children lessons in shaping metal, how to know if the fire is hot enough, and how a bellows works.

We don’t have the faintest idea what this was about since the actors had gone to lunch (that’s a mannequin on a stuffed horse), but it sure looked cool.

Lydia kept running off and grinning over her shoulder while we were trying to listen to this man.  As a result, I didn’t catch much.  He was talking about the British and why the taxation wasn’t sitting well with the colonists, but I’m not sure exactly who he was supposed to be or how involved Tennessee was.  We all thought is was pretty neat that he had a cup made of a horn that he kept around his neck on a string.

This scene fascinated Benjamin.  Periodically, these British soldiers would fire those huge guns and boy, did they get attention!  They were loud!

The Confederate Army was resting beneath a tree just prior to their battle with the Union soldiers.

The Union Army met them on the battlefield.

There was plentiful gunfire as soldiers fell.  The middle-schoolers who were there on a field trip cheered every time one went down.  Joe asked us later who won this time.

I doubt there were any strollers on the sidelines in the original battles.

Of all the great things we saw that day, this one was still Benjamin’s favorite-  the park rangers were using these to patrol the area.  I guess the Segway falls into “Tennessee Present.”  🙂



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