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Date night with Rachel October 12, 2008

Posted by Joe in Family.

Last night, Rachel and I went on a date. We had a great time together.

Date nights have become a wonderful tradition in our family. It’s a time when I can take Rachel (or Benjamin can take Laura) out for a special evening of one-on-one time together. It’s a time when we can talk and invest in our kids. I look forward to when Lydia is old enough to go on a date with me.

On our date, Rachel and I played miniature golf, ate pizza, and drank milk shakes. She also wanted to go to a store and look at possibilities for her upcoming birthday and Christmas presents.

You should have seen her face when I bought her flowers. She said “This night just keep getting better and better.” Later she said “I remember when you brought me flowers when I got five shots at the doctor’s office.”  I was surprised she remembered that, but she replied “I always remember special things like that.”

The kids love date night because it fun and they feel special. But there’s another reason Laura and I think date nights are important. They are teaching moments. Date nights are times when we can demonstrate to them what to expect from and how to treat other people.

For example, Rachel was eager to start playing miniature golf and opened the door of the building before I had a chance to open it for her. After I got in, I leaned over and explained that polite boys will open a door for her and that if she gets to a door before them she should wait so they’ll have an opportunity to do it. She didn’t forget for the rest of the night.

And I’m glad. I want to be the one that sets the standard from which she’ll create her expectations.



1. Marci - October 12, 2008

What a great post!!!! These will be VERY important lessons for her as well as VERY special time she will always remember. Way to go Dad!!!

2. Grams - October 16, 2008

Good for you, Joe.
That girl is going to have a good, strong self-image and high standards against which to judge her future dates.
Luv, Grams

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