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Homeschool Presentation Day September 26, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

We are part of a marvelous homeschool group that gets together for plays, quiz show days, field trips, and so on.  Today was Presentation Day.  We met up at a local bookstore that graciously provides use of the stage, microphones, and lights it has for music events.  Students got the opportunity to present a project of their choice (or parent-teacher’s) before an audience of their peers.  There was a very vast array of topics today, from a demonstration of how to make a pin-hole camera to recitation of an entire long psalm to musical performances on various instruments.  All ages from Kindergarten through 12th grade participated.  Here are pictures of our children on stage.

Benjamin decided to play Amazing Grace in front of the assembled crowd of homeschooling mothers and students.  It’s really hard to volunteer to perform but he did well.

Rachel prepared a presentation on the life cycle of the butterfly.  A volunteer from the audience rushed the stage to hold her poster.

Lydia was pretty good and patient through most of the program, but Rachel went last and Lydia could wait for her chance no longer.

Homeschooling is working so well for our family, but it has a few downsides.  Not being in a large group setting, we have to intentionally plan times to practice being in front of peers.  We try to take every opportunity we have to work on public speaking skills, planning and organizing a project for presentation, firm deadlines set by other authority figures, and objective feedback from others.  We are fortunate to be able to participate in 4-H, scouts, our enrichment group, and this local Christian homeschool group to meet these needs.



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