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Communing with the Cats September 6, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

Although Joe was really reluctant to get the kittens two years ago, I think he would agree now that it was a good decision.  Even though they are outside only cats, we haven’t had any mouse problems since we got them.  Prior to that, we constantly had mice in the house.  And the mice felt so at home that they didn’t even run when they saw us- they walked.

The two cats have very different personalities even though they were littermates and grew up together.  Patch (foreground) likes to accompany us everywhere (preferably riding on my shoulder) and keeps closer to the house.  Coco is more independent and a devoted hunter.  He shows up for meals a little more than half the time.  Oddly enough, he is the one that is so patient with little people.  Lydia spends a good bit of time “giving him love” while Patch tends to stay just out of reach unless the child is at least 4 years old.

Lydia certainly enjoys her bucolic lifestyle.  She can’t wait to go outside and make the rounds to watch all the animals and do her imitations of the sounds they make.  Recently, when Lydia was doing her impression in public, someone commented that she must be a girl who has her own cow because hers was good- no silly “moo” for her.

After logging some time with her pal Coco, she toddles off to watch chickens.  If they come onto the porch, she knows to say “Shoo!” Then it’s off to see the quadrupeds through the fence.  If she’s lucky goats, donkeys, and cows will all come up for water together so she can call to them and almost stroke their noses-  she hesitates to make actual contact at the last moment.  Probably for the best since they have gotten used to eating apples from our hands and she isn’t holding any.

So far, she hasn’t shone an aversion to any kind of animal or even insect.  She appreciates them all.

A few days ago, Rachel found a juvenile snake in the yard.  We all went to investigate.  Coco and Daisy (one of the dogs) were both beside themselves wanting to play with it.  We looked on as the tiny thing- maybe the size of 2 Kindergarten pencils end to end (it was actually almost cute)- bravely coiled and faked strikes while Daisy and Coco both moved in from opposite sides.  Lucy (the other dog) and Patch both looked on with interest, but were content to see how it went for the first two before committing to the fight.  Guido the Guinea was nowhere to be found.  I gave him his pinkslip later on- the only reason we tolerate him is because he is supposed to keep the yard clear of ticks and snakes.



1. Amy - September 7, 2008

Sweet picture.

2. Dreamer - September 8, 2008

I want Lydia’s life. Can you adopt me?

3. Laura - September 9, 2008

I would adopt you ALL! Pack up and come on!

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