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Eating Well August 27, 2008

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family, Farm.

Over the past year, I have become really curious about the topics of nutrition and traditional foods. I have read countless books addressing those topics and have learned some really fascinating things about modern-day food and health myths and the wisdom our ancestors had that has been discarded.

I’ve long suspected that God in His infinite wisdom created an Earth that had everything we could need if we had cared for it and used good sense in appreciating and using it. Being self-important humans though, we have considered ourselves to be so bright that we could “improve” on what He gave us through our own ingenuity and not worry about the consequences of our fiddling. This reveals itself in lots of controversial moral issues, but right now I am just talking about food.

But how complicated could that get, right? Food is just food. Well, not anymore.

A hundred years ago, our great-grandparents likely had a lot fewer choices about what to eat, but better overall health- fewer allergies, diabetes, unexplained chronic illnesses, and the like. Today the offerings in the typical grocery store number in the thousands, but most would be quite foreign to Grandma. Snack cakes with Kreme filling? Aluminum foil pouches filled with colored corn syrup? “Complete meals in a box” with an unpronounceable ingredient list woefully short on actual meat and vegetables? And this is an improvement?!

With increased commercialization of our food supply comes lots more processing. Each step seems to remove more nutrients and add more chemistry. God made our bodies with the ability to produce natural enzymes to digest the foods He provided, but maybe not these man-made pseudofoods. And what if our bodies don’t always recognize the alien “food” so it can be speedily eliminated? If our well-meaning systems begin to replace true nutrients with these artificial ingredients in every level down to the cell, why should we be surprised to see sky-rocketing rates of cancer?

Our family is trying to return to a diet more like our relatives in bygone days would have consumed. And lest you think that means we are suffering from taste deprivation or that we long for fast-food, I assure you that hasn’t been the case. Traditional natural foods have so much MORE flavor than the bland offerings of cookie-cutter processed foods. When you begin to taste all the flavors out there that have been abandoned in favor of MSG and other “food science” wizardry, you won’t miss the pseudofood that has become the American staple. I also think that you will feel so much better that you won’t be tempted to go back.

In upcoming posts, I plan to share some of the things we have been learning and our experiences as we’ve cleared out the junk food and searched out the good stuff.



1. Marci - August 27, 2008

We have been on that road for about 12 years or so. You will rediscover how food is supposed to taste. =)

2. reeska - August 27, 2008

I agree! My favorite book thus far that I have read is “Nourishing Traditions.” The information on lacto-fermented foods is very interesting. 🙂

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