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Chilly in August August 26, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

We belong to a couple of wonderful homeschool groups that get together for field trips, “presentation days” (opportunities to give book reports, recite memorized Scripture, etc. in front of an audience of peers), fine arts, and so on.  This last Friday, we met up with about 30 other people to go ice skating.  It felt wonderful to go from the 95 degree parking lot to the 45 degree rink.

Benjamin and Rachel had a great time zipping around the ice while Lydia and I watched from the bleachers and visited with other moms and toddlers.   The picture quality is terrible since I was having to photograph through the plexiglass wall, but here are a few shots anyway.

Benjamin began with a few more layers on, but quickly worked up a sweat.  You can see that he wisely brought kneepads along to cushion his falls and insulate his knees from the ice.

Rachel made great strides this time.  Last time she barely let go of the wall, but this time she was off and running.

Lydia spent most of her time practicing her bleacher climbing and taking her boots off (and then fussing to have me put them back on so she could do it again).  This child has a thing with shoes.  If they’re hers, she wants nothing to do with them, but if they belong to someone else (she thought the boots were Rachel’s), then she NEEDS them.  The more ill-fitting, the better.

We had a good time and hope to go again this year.  It’s nice to have opportunities to do something fun while fellowshipping with other Christian homeschoolers.



1. Amy - August 26, 2008

I used to go ice skating, I was home-schooled! God bless you and your family Laura!

2. Becky - August 26, 2008

Believe it or not, I have actually ice skated several times. It has been a very long time. It is so much easier than roller skating.

Aunt Robin (Joe’s sister) was very, very good (until she broke her arm while skating for a mall anniversary program). She went up to FreeStyle 3. She was so graceful on the ice. I was really disappointed when she decided to quit. I loved watching her skate.

Pack rat that I am, I still have her size 6 ice skates. I know you find that hard to believe.

3. Laura - August 27, 2008

Thanks for the kind comments Amy! We do feel blessed. I’m going to get over to your blog one of these days and check out what you are doing with your goats and all. I’d love to have fresh milk from our own animals, but it’s just more than we can do. I hope God blesses all your endeavors.

I didn’t know Robin had been an ice skater. Good for her! Too bad that was in the days before camcorders- I would love to see her skate. And no, I’m not even slightly surprised that you still have her skates from 20 years ago- you never know when another Ice Age will hit and you will be ahead of us all! 🙂

4. Dreamer - August 29, 2008

As always, what beautiful children. You are lucky to have a nice homeschool group for support and fellowship.

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