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Eleven Wonderful Years August 9, 2008

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family, Farm.

Today, Joe and I have been married eleven years. And the romance is still alive. In keeping with tradition, we are giving each other gifts that really say “love.” For our anniversary, with all the mushy sentiment that accompanies it, we have given each other cows.

According to Emily Post, for your first anniversary the appropriate gift is made of paper. The second year, you should give cotton. It’s a little known fact that for the eleventh year, you give cattle.

These fine new young ladies come from the herd of a good friend we know through church. They have been so docile and quick to adjust to their new home. The girls don’t have names yet, but I’m sure Benjamin and Rachel will think of some soon.

Here are some pictures of our fine gifts.


and Hers

But in seriousness, I want to say that God has truly blessed me with a husband beyond what I could have asked for or what I deserve. He is the kindest, most considerate and loving man I know. He is an excellent father, too. I am so very grateful to have him.

In this day and age, it’s getting to be an oddity to stay happily married. But it can be done. If both people will put God in the center of their marriage and be willing to die to self daily in accordance with God’s guidelines, He will surely bless your union. He has blessed us immeasurably. I don’t mean He’s made us rich in material things (though He has certainly provided for all our needs). But in all circumstances, if we were willing, He has strengthened us and brought good.

I look forward to many, many more years together with this wonderful man God has given me.



1. Mama Knucker Hatch - August 10, 2008

Congratulations! My husband and I love to look back and see just how much work God has done in our lives in a single decade. It is amazing, what two people can do together with God beside them. Now…if you could just pass on that “revised” version of Emily Posts suggested anniversary gifts to my better half. I’d love to get a milking cow for an anniversary gift!

2. reeska - August 10, 2008

Haha! Sounds like the kind of gifts Eric and I give each other. 🙂


3. Dreamer - August 12, 2008

Happy anniversary! This is one more thing we have in common. Daddy and I have also been married for 11 years. It will be 12 this fall.

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