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School’s back August 2, 2008

Posted by Joe in Family, Homeschooling.

Yesterday, Laura and the kids started back to school. Not to be outdone, Lydia grabbed her multi-purpose stool/desk combo and started doing her own version of schoolwork.




1. Laura - August 2, 2008

That step-stool has been around the block a few times and held up well! Where would our children be without it?

Joe’s grandfather J made that for Benjamin when he was little and every child has loved it. Lydia became proficient in its many uses quite early. She pushes it around the kitchen trying to help herself to things she’s not supposed to have. Last night, she saw Joe eating a cracker. She said, “I want that!” and instead of walking toward Joe to get one, she immediately went to the other side of the kitchen, got the stool, and hauled it to the counter to get her own cracker.

I just wish she’d turn it the right way (toward the counter) before she got on it. She likes to push from the top step, so she just rams it into the cabinets, gets up on tiptoes, and reaches across the lower step. A few times now the stool has started to slip or she’s lost her footing, but she is undeterred. Her backward use at least leaves me a few inches of countertop that she can’t reach (for a while anyway)!

2. Amy - August 3, 2008

Too cute, I am glad I’m finished with school now, I was home-schooled from 4th-11th grades.

3. Dreamer - August 4, 2008

That is such a nifty stool/desk! And what a cute and eager pupil you have. The babies are growing up fast. Faith, who is just a month younger than Lydia, has decided she no longer needs a high chair when we go out to eat and that she can feed herself with adult-sized utensils. They are so excited to be growing and learning, aren’t they?

4. Laura - August 4, 2008

Yes, but I’m not ready for everyone to be so grown-up and independent. I like them to need me at least a little! 🙂

5. Faithseed - August 6, 2008

It is bittersweet, isn’t it? I’m so happy for them to be able to do the things they want to do (or do like the “older ones” can!), but it is hard to hold back the sniffles when I realize how time is flying before my eyes.

BTW- great stool/desk!! I’ll have to show it to the Mr.!

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