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Using Goats the Way God Made Them July 11, 2008

Posted by Laura in Homeschooling, Scouts.

We’ve had a bit of rain this week, but the deficit is still noticeable. The grass in the refenced pastures is turning brown and has been eaten down very low. It is imperative that the animals get into new paddocks, but we haven’t been able to refence them yet. The spring growth along the old fenceline has made a terrible snarl of brambles, saplings, and honeysuckle vines. In the heat and humidity, clearing that is a truly awful job requiring bushhog, chainsaw, loppers, pick-up truck, etc. We decided to employ the goats instead.

Joe weed-eated and chopped enough away to run temporary electric fence on the first section of it. Then he and the older children sunk the posts. We turned (or in some cases, wrestled) the goats into their new paddock. The goats looked around in awe and elation and then disappeared into the thicket. We’ve scarcely seen anything but back ends sticking out occasionally since.

Benjamin was handy with the post-driver for the T-posts.

After Joe cleared an area to run the wires, Rachel helped him step in the posts. This was the “tame” side of a new enclosure. What’s behind them will be cleared sometime in the future.

Crackle surveys the grass in front of “the jungle.” There was a good 10 feet at least of this tall stuff, then the blackberry brambles, then the honeysuckle-entwined fence when we first turned them in. Within 2 days, all that was left of the tall stuff was a canopy of leaves.

You can’t tell it, but there is a herd of goats back there. When we go outside in the morning, we call our hellos and faceless voices call back from the shadows.



1. Sheryl Anderson - July 13, 2008

Oh my gosh!!!!! You all deserve some sort of badges! Doing that kind of work in this kind of heat? A dip in the pool must have felt great afterwards.

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