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Sparring for promotion June 25, 2008

Posted by Joe in Family.


For the past year, Benjamin has been taking tae kwon do classes while Rachel is in her Gymnastics class. They both love their activities and it’s good exercise.

Tae kwon do students start off learning the basics as a white belt. Early belt tests included learning various patterns (sequences of movements like kicks, blocks, and punches) and the tenets of tae kwon do – Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self-Control, and Indomitable Spirit.

Benjamin just tested for his high green belt – that’s the green belt with the black strip down the center of it. When you reach this level, promotion tests include sparring with other students and even the instructor.

Here are some pictures from his promotion test.


Benjamin and another student sparring during the promotion test. Benjamin is in the red sparring gear.


Benjamin trying to block his opponents kick.


Benjamin lands a good one.

He’s now a 4th degree high green belt.



1. reeska - June 25, 2008

Congratulations to Ben! 🙂

2. Becky - June 25, 2008

WOW! I’m impressed. This activity is so good in teaching discipline to the student. It’s a lot of hard work. Way to go, Benjamin!

3. Dreamer - June 25, 2008

Good job Benjamin!

Maybe Mom is just a biased photo editor, but from the photos, Benjamin definately looks the more serious and determined of the two sparring.

4. Grams - June 27, 2008

Good going, Benjamin. Aunt Brenda was a green belt and you will soon pass her!
GoCart looks like the most fun. (Would Grams fit in it?) However, not being British, I prob. could not drive from the right. :~)
Food Sculpture Nite looks like a good time. Wish I’d thought of it when mine were growing up.
I’m anxious to see your new smile, Rach.
Luv, Grams

5. David - July 2, 2008

Hi. I just ran across your site searching for other Christian Agrarians. I hope the Lord is blessing all you put your hand to do.

Karate is great for both protection and self-discipline!

Take Care.
The Old Paths

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