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Art on Display May 23, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

We participate in a wonderful homeschool enrichment group that we enjoy very much. While I am teaching Science to first and second graders, Benjamin and Rachel are taking a wide variety of classes from Guitar to Geography to Art. While I’m in class Lydia plays with other teachers’ children under the loving care of several students’ moms who are a blessing to the kids.

Last week was the art show- an opportunity for each child to choose their favorite 2 pieces to frame and showcase for all the parents. Here are Benjamin’s and Rachel’s choices.

Maybe this one by Benjamin should replace the masthead on our blog since Joe used to insist that we might as well call this the Poultry Pages given what he considered unequal coverage of chickens.

This one reflects Benjamin’s ongoing interest in knights and chivalry.

For Rachel, it was a close tie between this Crazy Spotted Frog and a bold sea life picture she had painted using salt in the wet watercolors to create the look of bubbles.

Now, this is a testament to a girl’s love for her father. Rachel loves color and her artwork typically is more exuberant and splashy. Rachel’s teacher has really stretched her to consider and try a wide variety of mediums and styles. I can tell you that this would NOT have been one of Rachel’s own favorites. But Joe was extra complimentary about this one when he remarked on how impressed he was with her technique and shading. As usual, she drank it up. When it came time to decide which to submit for the show, she quickly picked this one. Daddies take note- your daughters crave your approval and flourish under your compliments.



1. Dreamer - May 27, 2008

Those are all great pictures for the art show, but I’ll have to agree with Joe. That last one by Rachel is quite good and looks as though it was done by someone much older.

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