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Drive-thru safari April 29, 2008

Posted by Joe in Family.

A few weeks ago while were in Georgia for Robin and Gerald’s wedding, we decided to take a small detour on the way home. We stopped by a “Drive-thru Safari”.

A drive-thru safari is not the latest craze in fast food. It’s something like a zoo. It’s a wild-life area where most of the animals roam freely throughout the park’s many open acres.

Well, in theory they roam throughout the park. In practice they’ve learned that most of the vehicles passing through their homeland are ladened with happy kids doling out food. So, they all but line up along the road side to receive the offering of range pellets.

Some would graciously accept a little affection as part of the meal.

While others were a bit less patient.

Would could have taken our own vehicle through the safari, but we opted to rent one of their pre-loved and customized mini-vans just in case one of the animals became a bit too assertive.

The kids all had a great time.

Lydia got a bit unnerved at times.

But for the most part she seem rather fascinated by the strange animals.

Thankfully Beck was there to lend her some courage.

Of course, they couldn’t let all of the animals roam freely. Otherwise, their number would dwindle until there was just one really fat one.

The strangest looking creature was this Benjaminasaurus we called Ol’ One Horn.

And who could forget the beautiful Rachel RoseBird with her big blue/green eggs?

All-in-all we had a wonderful day trip – definitely a detour worth taking.



1. Anne - April 30, 2008

That looks like so much fun. Good call on renting one of their vehicles. Animals can be pretty agressive when they’re expecting to be fed. I think I’ll look that place for the next trip through Georgia.

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