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It’s About Time! April 9, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

Starting around Thanksgiving, our hens took an extended vacation from laying.  I’m willing to give them a little slack for molting and shortened day length and all, but this was ridiculous.  I kept thinking I’d been whisked into the Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type book, where the barnyard animals go on strike.  I was waiting for the typed list of demands (like electric blankets).

Finally, about 3 weeks ago, the eggs started slowly showing up.  As soon as I identified a hen that laid eggs and didn’t EAT them, I put her in a chicken tractor (portable coop).  As I carried each one to her new, more restrictive home, I explained that really, it was better this way.  Any chicken not in a tractor is in constant danger of predators.  Besides, any chicken that doesn’t prove she should be spared because she’s a good layer is in danger of going in the freezer.  We’re tired of the mess on the porch, searching for eggs laid under bushes, and wasting increasingly expensive feed on chickens not pulling their own weight.   They have to contribute somehow.  Now we are getting between a dozen and a dozen and half eggs a day.

Rachel is my ever-willing chicken assistant.  She is always eager to help me collect eggs, even climbing into the tractors to get the ones laid on the ground.  In fact, she’s usually eager to help me do ANYthing.  She’s a great kid.



1. Marci - April 9, 2008

What a precious smile. I would like to have me a helper like that around the farm. Is that white eggs I see? If so, what type of chicken are they from. Also, you get some REALLY dark ones. Do you know who lays those? We get the different shades of light browns and the green and the blue.

2. Laura - April 9, 2008

In our menagerie of chicken breeds, we have one Sicilian Buttercup left. She set her own eggs last year and one of the pullets apparently was sired by our White Faced Black Spanish rooster. I think those two are the white egg layers. Someone gave us a couple of Leghorns, but they haven’t started laying yet.

The dark ones are from Penedesencas and possibly Welsummers. I’m grateful for the light brown ones, but the colored eggs are my favorites!

3. Sheryl Anderson - April 11, 2008

I’m glad your chickens are laying again. And the eggs are so beautiful! So is your assistant.

4. Dreamer - April 14, 2008

Beautiful eggs and daughter. My oldest is a more than willing helper. Isn’t it nice to have such wonderful daughters? Just think of what a wonderful wife and mother she will be.

That’s a lot of eggs, do you still have egg customers?

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