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Scrub-A-Dub-Dub, Happy Baby in the Tub April 8, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family.

Lydia is a pretty happy baby, but when she hears the bathwater start, she shrieks with delight.  She’ll play in there until the water turns cold.  Here are a few recent pictures.

\"Welcome to the bath, y\'all!\"

“Welcome to the bath, y’all!”

Colanders are all the rage in fashion headgear.

“Who always steals the soap?  Give up?  The robber ducky!  Ha! Ha! Ha!”



1. Marci - April 8, 2008

What adorable pictures!!!! I love the one with the colander hat!!!! You are truly blessed.

2. Dreamer - April 8, 2008

How pretty! And her hair is getting so long.

Faith loves bath time too! So does Hannah, but not like Faith. They both hate “Mr.Sprayer” when it’s time to rinse their hair.

How does Lydia do with hair washing?

3. Laura - April 8, 2008

Right about the time she turned a year old, her hair suddenly started growing. It’s still pretty thin, but it’s long enough for little pigtails now. It’s fun!

She’s pretty good with hair washing. As long as I can get it rinsed in 3-4 jumbo cups of water with my hand across her forehead, we’re okay. Past that and she loses patience. It’s okay if SHE dumps water on her head, though.

We have to watch her carefully even before she gets in. While the tub is filling, she’s been known to lean too far over to reach the water and flip into the tub fully clothed!

4. Sheryl Anderson - April 11, 2008

Oh my gosh, I love these!!! I bet she kicks her little chubby legs from side to side. I wish I knew what she was saying in the last picture. Probably just a cute shriek or a “geh”. If only we could all look forward to something so simple.

5. Beck - April 13, 2008

I think she may be saying “Calgon just took me away!”

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