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Science Fair March 5, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Homeschooling.

I’ve mentioned in the past that we participate in a homeschool enrichment group and that I teach science classes there. Well, yesterday was the big day- Science Fair!

The kids really enjoy doing experiments at home with me, so it wasn’t much of a stretch to do a project for the Fair. Rachel chose a project that tested the preferred environment of worms (damp or dry) and then for fun, we also did warm or cool. (As an aside, when Rachel was about 3, she’d yell out “Aaaah! Crabs!” every time she saw a worm. We never did know where that confusion came from. Now she tries to save them all from opportunistic chickens. She’s been known to take them and rebury them when we are digging in the garden because she knows they are good for the soil 🙂 ).

rachelsciencefair2008.jpg rscifair2008.jpg

We teachers encouraged the younger students to use the “lapbook” style of presenting their projects. It is essentially a file folder (or 2 glued together, like Rachel’s) that provides a more proportional (and less overwhelming) size for smaller people. Rachel spent a lot of time illustrating her lapbook with drawings of worms.

Benjamin tested the distance various styles of paper airplanes could float when released. He has been very interested in flight and space travel recently, so this fit right in with his study.

benjaminsciencefair2008.jpg bsciencefair-2008.jpg

Benjamin’s favorite part of the project was making the planes- no surprise!

The children did their best on both their experiments and their displays and we are proud of their efforts.



1. Grams - March 5, 2008

Tuesday evening

Your Science Fair projects look GOOD!
I’m proud of you.
Luv, Grams

2. Marci - March 5, 2008

You guys did a great job!!!! Congratulations!!

3. Kathryn Richards - March 5, 2008

Cool projects! They look really great. Benjamin and Rachel you should be proud of your work.

4. Sheryl Anderson - March 8, 2008

Really cool projects that represent things they are actually curious about!!! That should be the point. Love it.

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