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A Fine Feathered Friend February 12, 2008

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.


Rachel really enjoys animals.  She is always quick to volunteer to help with farmwork and gives lots of loving care to her little charges.  For her part, Roxanne is very tolerant of the loving and is happy to ride around on our shoulders.  Just beware- she rarely remembers to wipe her feet before flying up for a ride!



1. Becky - February 13, 2008

Not many children would hug a chicken. I can’t see myself ever hugging Roxanne. I know she is a pretty special hen, but I think I’ll stick to things with fur coats.

Remember, Auburn has a wonderful Vet school.

2. Laura - February 14, 2008

I think this girl may be headed there, and then she’ll major in cats!

3. Becky - February 14, 2008

Live mother, like daughter!

4. Beck - February 18, 2008

Sorry, I should have typed “Like” mother, Like daughter. That’s what happens when you hit send too fast.

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