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A Common Miracle February 9, 2008

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family, Farm.

“Grab your coats and boots if you want to see a kid being born!” I yelled as I burst in the backdoor. We were all out the door in under 10 seconds, never mind zippers and laces.

The mama in me required that I go out after dark and check on Pop’s baby to be sure she wasn’t by herself getting chilled in the dropping temperatures. (Often I have become concerned during the night about one group of animals or another and gone out to check on them. Then and only then am I able to go back to sleep). It was shortly after dinner and the family was watching a movie together. I began cleaning up the kitchen and then couldn’t help myself anymore- I had to go check.

I found Pop! and baby nestled in the hayring (watch your blood pressure now, Joe) and then took roll by flashlight. Hmmm… Crackle’s missing. Ah, there she is!

Oh! It’s time! So I ran back to the house and summoned the others.

So that is how we found ourselves in boots and pajamas standing in the cold night air watching a kidding by flashlight with two dogs in attendance.

And it was spellbinding. Crackle had known it was time and gone into the range shelter. There on the hay, she was standing stiffly and straining. The children watched in quiet amazement, even Lydia, as a kid’s head appeared. Crackle! groaned and Benjamin whispered his concern. “It sounds like it hurts.” “It does. Having a baby hurts, but I think she’s doing fine.”

A long time seemed to pass with only groaning and I was growing anxious. What if the kid was too big? How would I know if she was in trouble? Is this how Joe feels when I am having a baby- anxious and powerless to help?

More pushing and a few minutes later, the kid was out and sneezing. Crackle! began to lick it. We whispered our cheers and watched as mother and baby took in each other’s scents and sounds.

A little bit later, another head appeared, but Crackle’s focus seemed to be entirely on the first kid. As the minutes ticked by, we were beginning to get concerned that the second kid would suffocate if she didn’t finish delivering it and get it out of the amniotic sac. We wondered if that is what had happened to Pop’s male kid. It was very hard for me to stay put and not “help.”

To our relief, she did shortly deliver it and divide her attention between the two. As the first one got to its feet and began looking for a nipple, we stifled more cheers. We continued watching until the second one was trying to get up and then returned to the house to warm up. All the way back, we talked about how exciting it was and how happy we were to see those cuties.

What an amazing event! Yes, it happens all the time, so technically, birth doesn’t qualify as a miracle, but I don’t know how someone could see such an incredible thing and not see God’s hand in it. To me, that’s a glimpse into God’s mind and I am awestruck.

God gave those minutes-old kids the knowledge and ability to get up and seek out food, in just the right place. He gave their mother the instinct to lick her babies dry to bond with them, to disguise their scent from predators, and to get their circulation going. Much as I enjoy these animals, I know they aren’t smart enough to figure out on the spur of the moment that they ought to do these things. And I don’t believe for a minute that on their own, animals just evolved to have these instincts. That’s a God thing.

I believe God gave us a gift tonight. I don’t just mean the addition of two kids. I mean the privilege of seeing Him at work. If I had gone to check 10 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later, we would have missed the whole thing. But I didn’t. I went just in time.

Benjamin told us after we returned to the house that he kept praying and thanking God for letting us live on a farm, for letting him watch, and for the new kids. He said a memory verse kept going through his mind as he stood there- “Glory to God in the highest…”

If ever I have doubted, I know for sure that God led us to this place and this lifestyle- what a privilege!



1. julie - February 10, 2008

That is what has been in my heart, but I hadn’t quite found the words to express it…”What a privelege”!! It is such a privelege to live this lifestyle and sometimes I just stand in awe that God has given us the desires of our heart in this matter. Thanks for sharing your all’s experience. You told a fantastic story that made me feel as if I was in the barn with you!
grace and peace,

2. Grams - February 10, 2008

I have been checking your blog often, waiting for this news.
You said it all so well!
Luv, Mom

PS … expecting baby pix very soon, now!

3. Marci - February 10, 2008

I am thrilled you were able to watch the event. There is nothing like raising children on a farm. The whole circle of life is so normal and wholesome. It is a miracle to watch birth.

4. Sheryl Anderson - February 10, 2008

What a great experience! And How wonderful that the children cherish the life with you. Little Lydia has seen more at her little age than many adults have.
Yes, so it happens every day. But it takes a special enlightened perspective and level of appreciation to see in it what you see.

5. Dreamer - February 11, 2008

Hoorah, more babies! That leaves one more goat to kid, right? I’m so glad that all are doing well. What a neat experience to have with YOUR kids.

6. Becky - February 12, 2008

Amazing and amazed! How exciting for all of you to experience.

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