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Meet the Flock, Part 11 February 4, 2008

Posted by Laura in Farm.



This is our only remaining Polish hen.  Isn’t she lovely?  If you are hearing an Oak Ridge Boys song in your head right now, you are showing your age!  Me, too.   🙂

Elvira was originally named for the late night horror movie queen, but in retrospect, I’m not crazy about that association.  Our Elvira does always wear black, but she’s also always modest.  No cleavage here.


I’d like to get her a friend and maybe start a small flock of “showgirls” by crossing her with some Silkies, Turkens, or Frizzles.   Wouldn’t that be something?



1. Dreamer - February 5, 2008

My heart’s on fire, Elvira! Giddy-up a um pop a um pop a mau mau…

2. Robin - February 7, 2008

Look at that face! Adorable!

3. Sheryl Anderson - February 7, 2008

Actually, I was hearing “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder as Elvira elegantly walks aloof, pretending not to know she’s a sight to behold. “What gives? Everyone who’s anyone should look this good. Like, take a picture. It will last longer. Hmph!”
Yes, crossing that Vegas headdress with the furry leg chickens would be somethin’ else.

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