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Lydia is Front Page News! December 24, 2007

Posted by Laura in Faith, Family.


This precious picture was in the local paper on the FRONT PAGE. Notice Lamb # 2- isn’t she a beauty?! 🙂

I was there when they took the picture and it was hilarious!! Lyddie was still in her helmet, so I took it off. She was supposed to wear the lamb costume and hat that had ears and eyes and such on it. She never minded the helmet, but the lamb hat was NOT staying on. She was trying to simultaneously take it off and put it in her mouth while crawling away.

The angel was alternately picking her nose and sticking out her tongue. If you look closely, some of the wise men and shepherds, while standing where they were told to, are bawling! Baby Jesus was actually sleeping until the others started crying.

My friend Bekah Plunkett is constantly lending her award-winning talent at church taking pictures. She patiently took many shots while the rest of us made complete fools of ourselves trying to coax smiles out of the assembled members of the nativity. This is the best shot.

I tried to give you the link directly to the newspaper, but they have an error in the archives that has the previous week’s edition again on this date. Too bad!

What a great church we have!



1. Marci - December 24, 2007

What a great picture. I would love to see a larger version of it though.

2. Beck - December 24, 2007

Hope you bought extra copies to share…….That is really a great picture. Your story reminds me of something said on Turning Point on the radio last week. It seems the children at a local church were putting on a play about the Christmas story. When Joseph got to the inn and the inn keeper said there wasn’t any room, a very sad Joseph turned and started to walk away. The sympathetic inn keeper felt so sorry for them the quickly said “Oh, come on in, we’ll make room somehow.” Needless to say, that is one Christmas play that won’t be quickly forgotten either.

I can just imagine trying to get all of those kids to “Smile” on cue! That is a real treasure.

3. chickenmama - December 24, 2007

I wish I did have more copies to share. I didn’t actually look at the paper until almost a week later, so the extra copies were long gone. But there they were- the “Bethel Babies” on the top of the front page!

Yesterday, the children did their play during the morning service. They managed to get out of order with the sections of their John 3:16 verse and created a bit of new theology too. It was very cute.

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