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Cub-n-Family campout December 6, 2007

Posted by Joe in Scouts.

This time of year is so busy with the holidays, year-end projects, and preparing for the winter months, that I’ve gotten a bit behind on the less critical activities, such as blogging. So, I thought I’d attempt to catch up a little bit at least and share some photos from a recent Cub Scout camping trip.

In mid-October, our Cub Scout Pack participated in the Cub-n-Family camp out. Benjamin loves the camping trips we take several times a year. He does a great job helping out around the campsite while still having a lot of fun.

At the Cub-n-Family outing, each family brings their own tent, food, firewood, etc. Nothing, save fun daily activities, are provided for the Scouts. This gives them a chance to help plan and buy meals ahead of time and then prepare it outdoors at the campsite. This is in contrast to the summer camps where meals are provided.

Boy Scouts and other Scout leaders are there to provide activities for us. In the picture below, Benjamin is turning twine into a woven rope.

Here’s the finished product and a Scout proud of his accomplishment.

There were also bottle rockets, but not in the traditional sense. These bottle rockets were kid powered. They took 16 oz bottles partially filled with water and fitted them onto a piece of PVC. A bicycle pump was connected to the other end of the PVC pipe. The boys pumped air into the bottle until the pressure was so great that it overcame the friction keeping it attached to the PCV pipe. And away it shot into the air. Accomplished Scouts could send them over 100 feet skyward.

What kid doesn’t like to pillow fight?

Benjamin talked with a man in Chicago on a ham radio.

One of Benjamin’s favorite activities was petting a real wolf.

All in all a fun time. We’re looking forward to our next camping trip. I think Rachel is going to join us on that trip.



1. -Kev - December 6, 2007

Looks like tons of fun, Joe! :^)

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