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Another One for the Grandparents November 15, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family.

Here is one of our favorite Lyddie pictures- folded up and fast asleep.


The backs of my thighs burn just looking at this picture!


A unique way to make sure you never run out of O’s just when you need them.


Man, I LOVE those kids!

Some of these pictures were taken before we began helmet therapy.  I am happy to report that it is working beautifully and that Lydia will probably only wear the helmet for another month or 2.



1. Becky - November 15, 2007

What great pictures! I can’t help but wonder if Lyddie will miss the helmet when she no longer has to wear it. Where will she carry her stash of food?

2. Amy - November 15, 2007

How wonderful that Lydia only has a short while longer in the helmet! Is there any concern that some of the progress will be lost when she stops wearing it all the time? I’m thinking like braces on the teeth, you have to wear a retainer until your teeth become permanently positioned.

The first picture reminds me of Faith, chubby legs and all. A month or so ago she liked to just lay around like that bent in half. As far as I know she never went to sleep though. What a sweet picture. Faith is almost walking now!

3. Marci - November 15, 2007

I love that first picture!!! Look at those legs. That is the only time in life when fat legs are cute!!

I guess I missed why she had to wear the helmet. I have seen pictures of her in it, but not why. If it is none of my business, feel free to say so.

I love the pictures of your beautiful children. Enjoy them because they grow up WAY TOO FAST!!!

4. chickenmama - November 16, 2007

We don’t mind talking about the reason for the helmet. Believe me, we are accustomed to stares and questions every time we go in public. It doesn’t phase us at all. We’re glad to educate people about it so that maybe their child won’t need one.

Lydia has plagiocephaly- a misshapening of the head, in her case due to sleeping with her head turned to the same side all the time. It is probably the most benign reason that a baby may need a helmet and we are so grateful that her problem isn’t very serious (children may also wear them to protect their heads after surgery or if they are autistic and bang their heads).

The plastic surgeon is very pleased (as we are) at the progress she has made in just 2 months. Her forehead is very nicely rounded and even and the back is nearly rounded back out, too. As Amy asked, stopping the therapy too soon could give her the opportunity to flatten a place again. The bone plates in the skull begin fusing at about 1 yr old, but can be molded until then. Lyddie is 10 months now, so we need to get a bit closer to her 1st birthday before going bare-headed (or at least trading the helmet for a stylish winter hat 🙂 ).

The helmet works not by squeezing the head into a nice shape, but by steering the growth of the head into the area that needs to be rounded out. The white layer inside is soft foam. Every couple of weeks, it is carved out in the spot that was flat. It’s a pretty brilliant solution actually.

She has fortunately never minded wearing it. It’s so cushioned inside and it isn’t hot anymore. If anything, she gets more attention and loving when she’s got it on because people either think it’s cute or are flat-out curious. She may miss it when it’s gone.

BePops has started tapping on her helmet with a spoon when she’s over there. Now she thinks that’s funny and does it herself. We’re gonna be in trouble when she does it for the first time on her bare head! It’s also kind of a shame that she will probably not have the benefit of it when she gets to that fall-down-all-the-time stage learning to walk. She’s just finally started crawling (I have NOT been encouraging her). Our kids have been slightly late walkers, so the helmet probably won’t even fit anymore when she starts to toddle around.

We’ll have to think of some other way for her to carry her snacks after her therapy is over. 🙂

5. Lynne - November 16, 2007

To quote you….

“Man, I LOVE those kids!”

In response….what’s not to love? Sooooo precious those little ones are. That first picture is an award winner!

God bless you.

6. Marci - November 29, 2007

I never heard of a helmet for that reason. I have a friend whose autistic son was having drop seizures and he wore one to protect him. I had just never heard why Little bits had hers. =)

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