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Albie Returns October 24, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

Remember the albino deer that graced our property for many months? After his unfortunate demise, we assumed we’d never see him again. Silly us. We forgot about Daisy, Treasure Seeker Extraordinaire.


(After a day of searching for things cast aside and unappreciated by others, Daisy graces the porch, giving it that redneck look).

While Lucy considers herself half-human, Daisy is all dog. She revels in chasing squirrels, digging up moles, barking at nothing in particular, and things that stink. What more could one want from life?

Joe had locked the dogs up when he and Benjamin had dragged the deceased Albie off into the woods so that the dogs wouldn’t be tempted to dine on him along with the little woodland creatures. It didn’t work. The enticing aroma (fortunately not noticed by us) apparently wafted toward her doggie nose, beckoning to her. Stray bones kept turning up in the pastures over the next two weeks. Finally, this.


(Albie was far more handsome in life. Since this picture, we have bleached the skull to clean and disinfect it. We’ve marveled at how many and how sharp the molars on a deer are).

Daisy often keeps her treasures at a distance from the house since we’ve been known to dispose of them otherwise, but she was apparently too proud of this to not show off. This beauty was right in the path between our house and the henhouse so we couldn’t miss it.



1. Marci - October 25, 2007

I love dogs, but they can be very gross. The people who rented this property before we bought it were not very kind to their animals. They had sick baby goats and evidently threw them into the woods (I am assuming they did die first). We moved in and the next day, dead baby goat parts started showing up. They bring all sorts of disgusting things into the yard. YUCK!!!!

The skull will be a neat treasure for your children.

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