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Meet the Flock, part 8 October 15, 2007

Posted by Laura in Farm.


Last winter, Joe was chopping firewood in our woods. About the time he finished, he noticed there was a lone guinea watching him, but keeping his distance. That was odd- guineas are flocking animals. He didn’t think much more of it, though, and came back to the house at sundown.

The next morning, running around in the chicken yard with our poultry was this one lone guinea. “Ah, guineas are wanderers. He’ll probably be gone by morning,” we thought. But he wasn’t. Neither was he the next day or the day after that. We had been adopted by a guinea.


(Here is a shot of Guido “in bed,” roosting in a tree above the henhouse. His head is turned sideways, though he is pretty strange looking with his head straight up and down. He looks a bit like the cartoon toucan that hawks Fruit Loops here.).

And you would think that an interloper like he would be cautious and content to get whatever scraps he was allowed by the large flock that he joined. But you would be wrong. Guido is bossy and tenacious. Try to peck at scratch grains within an 8 foot radius of him and face his wrath! He doesn’t go so far as to challenge Percy, but he’ll run just about any other chicken off from what he decides is rightfully his.


As I type, his presence is making the chickens who were dustbathing nearby find another communal bath.

Guido divides his time between intimidating chickens and admiring himself. He spends long hours gazing at his reflection in the truck bumper and the backdoor. First he turns one way and struts, and then back the other. Apparently, he gets more and more handsome with every pass.


(You may recognize this door from the picture of Pop! peering in. As you can see by the nose smears all over the window, I could probably get a shot of almost all our animals checking on us. Guido, however, is less interested in us than in the handsome fellow looking back at him).


(I have got to wonder just WHY he is so impressed with himself. I mean, check out the make-up job and that hair!  And what’s with the dorsal fin?!).

I will say this for him, though. His “pearl” patterned feathers are beautiful. Each one has a nearly perfect set of white polka-dots on the black background. If Cruella De Vil had only known about guineas, the Dalmations would have been safe!



1. Marci - October 16, 2007

He is quite homely poor thing. I can’t stand their screeching. Have you ever seen Emily’s blog posts about her guineas? They are worth reading.

2. Lynne - October 17, 2007

Thanks for sharing your “Meet the Flock” series with us. I really do enjoy reading these stories, and the names you have given the flock always make me smile (Guido), and seem to be so “fitting” for each animal, and its “personality”.

God bless

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