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My fishing buddy October 9, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family.

Rachel is my little fishing buddy. We don’t go as often as either of us would like but when we do go, we both have fun. Here’s a picture from a recent outing we had together. (You’ll have to trust me that there is indeed water nearby.)

The other day, when she was tactfully hinting that she’d like to go fishing again soon, she said “I’m like Granny. I love to fish.”

Hearing that did my heart good. You see, Rachel’s great grandmother, known as Granny, past away almost 3 years ago after a long bout with Alzheimer’s Disease. Rachel and Benjamin never knew the Granny that I grew up knowing and loving. She was bedridden by the time Rachel was born. But they know her through the stories I tell them.

We went fishing.



1. Marci - October 9, 2007

I think it is great that you keep her alive in your daughters heart. I’m glad you have a fishin’ buddy!!! She sure is a cute one!

2. Becky - October 10, 2007

I can’t wait to share this with J (Benjamin & Rachel’s great grandfather). It will really make his day. I hope you will frame a copy of that picture to go on J’s television beside the one of Granny in her yellow shirt holding a fishing pole.

3. Sheryl - October 12, 2007

It’s great that both of you have a fishing buddy. And this is probably my favorite picture of Rachel ever.

4. Grams - October 15, 2007

My favorite picture, too!
Suddenly, she’s grown up.
Luv, Grams

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