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Clashing Colors September 26, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family.

If you ask Rachel, pink goes with EVERYTHING.  (So do flip-flops and anything that sparkles).  I’m not so sure of this color combo, though.


Lydia doesn’t mind.  She just wants to know if she’s on the football team or the cheerleading squad.  Should she be revving up the crowd or crawling toward the end zone?



1. Marci - September 27, 2007

What a sweetheart. I think she is so cute it doesn’t matter if she cheers or heads for the end zone. She is a winner!!!

2. Becky - September 27, 2007

The way Auburn is playing this year, I’m sure she would make first string. Crawling into the end zone is one play they haven’t tried. She may just be the inspiration they need.

3. Amy - October 1, 2007

Yeah, Lyddie!

4. Renae - October 4, 2007

She is adorable! I can so relate to the pink, sparkling thing. My little princesses only want to wear dress-ups and nightgowns.

5. Sheryl - October 12, 2007

Of course sparklies go with everything!!! She just figured it out quickly!!!

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