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Mooooo-ving on up September 3, 2007

Posted by Joe in Farm.

Rachel and some friends rest on the cattle trailer.

As part of our homesteading adventure, we’ve added chickens, goats, and donkeys to our collection of animals. Each fulfills its own purpose as we take steps towards self-sufficiency. The chickens, of course, provide a source of eggs for our family; they also contribute in more direct ways to our family’s nutritional needs. The goats help to keep the pastures weed-free as they live up to their billing – willing to eat just about anything. And the donkeys provide protection from predators for the other animals.

At one point we had turkeys, but they’ve since disappeared. We’ll add them again at some point. And of, course, there is Guido the guinea, who just showed up one day and has decided to make the animals of Blessed Acres Farm his new flock.

This past weekend, we added another animal to the mix, a couple of heifers. For those unfamiliar with the bovine terminology, a heifer is a young female cow that has never had a calf. Once she produces her first offspring, she is referred to as a cow.

These new heifers were purchased from a friend of ours so we know they’ve been treated well, are disease free, and come from a great lineage. Their father is a beautiful, pure-bred, and registered Black Angus bull. Their mothers are both 1/2 Black Angus.

Vaccinating the new heifers. This is best done using a “head catcher” in a loading shoot to help keep them still. 

The heifers were born in April of this year, so they are almost 5 months old now. Each weighs approximately 470 pounds. That’s a very good rate of gain, especially considering poor grass quality around here due to the drought we’ve experienced this year.

The heifers explore their new home.

We’d like to grow our little herd of two over the next few years and these two will make for a great maternal foundation for it.



1. Grams - September 3, 2007

Monday …
BEAUTIFUL children and good lookin’ heifers (yum!) :~)

2. Marci - September 4, 2007

Very very nice. They will provide you with many years of good eatin’ Lord willing!!!

3. Sheryl - September 4, 2007

This is great, Joe! I’m glad this worked out for you. And hopefully many more to come.

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