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Forecast: HOT and DRY August 26, 2007

Posted by Laura in Farm.

As Southerners, we are used to hot humid summers, but this is ridiculous! I took this picture of our outdoor thermometer yesterday. Notice it is in the shade (on the porch by the back door). And it was only 10:30 a.m! I’m not sure what the actual high was, but we’ve had over 2 straight weeks of 100+ temperatures. And we don’t live in Miami. This is middle TN.


Since June 1, we’ve had less than 3 inches of rain, but LOTS of sun. The grass is brown and crunchy. We haven’t mowed since the end of May. Farmers around here are selling off stock as fast as they can (frequently taking a loss) just to avoid further debt having to feed the animals through the winter. Hay is going for up to $8 a bale as it rapidly runs out. A friend just purchased his hay from a neighboring state since it is getting so scarce.

The animals just lie around and pant. The chickens doze under bushes during the hottest part of the day and forage slowly with wings held out and mouths open. Egg production has dropped off to nothing, probably because they can’t keep enough water in themselves to stay alive AND make eggs (which are mostly water).

The donkeys and goats also lie around a lot. They are so listless that they don’t even mind sharing the same shade. Not that there is any worthwhile grass to get up for, mind you.


The dogs give us pitiful looks and stare holes in the laundry room door. As an add-on to this old house, it is accessed from the porch. If I open the door to go in there, two 100+ lb Dane-mix dogs bolt past me and flop down on the slightly cool floor. That’s a LOT of dog for such a tiny space and it’s nearly impossible to find places for my feet if I want to go in also. I don’t have the heart to throw the poor gimpy things out. I can do laundry at midnight, right?


(Here, Lucy sneaked in without Daisy noticing and she’s got the whole laundry pile to herself).

Please Lord, send US the rain that so many other places can’t absorb. And some relief from the heat would be nice, too.



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