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Officers Amongst Us August 17, 2007

Posted by Laura in Family, Farm.

Being the agriculturally-minded folks that we are, we’ve been interested in joining 4-H.  I asked at the county ag extension office about it when we moved here, but was told there that you had to be in 4th grade to participate.  Not so, I learned recently.  So, yesterday we went to the first meeting of the year.

This get-together was mostly organizational and the main goal was electing new officers.  It seemed a good opportunity to get to know some people and find out more about the kinds of projects the club would be doing.

The kids split into older and younger groups to have their elections.  Lyddie was being entertained, so I helped out with the “Outdoor Cookery” competition practice that was going on to prepare for the state fair.  I was cutting meat in the room beside the Clover Buds.  I heard the slate of candidates read and turned in surprise- both Benjamin’s and Rachel’s names were on it.  “Well, I hope they aren’t too crushed when they don’t win- we only know one other family here and all these other kids know each other,” I thought.

I watched with curiosity as the heads-down/hands-raised votes were counted.  Imagine my shock when Benjamin was elected Photographer and Rachel was elected Vice-President!  (Yes, she is only 5).  I’m sure they will do their best.  I know I for one am looking forward to seeing the next business meeting!  😉 .



1. Amy - August 17, 2007

Congratulations, Benjamin and Rachel! So, I guess you’re committed now. 🙂 It will be lots of fun.

2. chickenmama - August 17, 2007

Yes, we’re committed now. Rachel announced that the vice-president’s main job was to talk a lot, so they’ve got the right kid! This should be a hoot!

3. Marci - August 18, 2007

That is great. We loved 4-H. Way to go Benjamin and Rachel!!!

4. Kathryn Richards - August 18, 2007

Yeah 4-H! Congratulations Benjamin and Rachel. I am a former 4-H’er. It is so much fun with so many opportunities. I ya’ll will be excellent in the Poultry Judging competition.

5. Sheryl - September 1, 2007

I’m so proud of B & R!!! That’s great that they’re getting involved at such a young age.

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