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Lights out! June 7, 2007

Posted by Joe in Family.

It’s been a rather dry spring for us. For the first half of this year, we’re 7 inches below average for the amount of rainfall we’ve received. And still we’re fairing a bit better than some of the counties just to our south.

So, yesterday afternoon when we heard the low rumble of thunder in the distance, we were hopeful that rain from the heavens would soon follow. But alas it was not to be. We’re still 7 inches below average.

Apparently the thunder was enough to trip a circuit breaker on a utility pole at the far end of our driveway, interrupting that precious flow of electrons that affords us the modern convenience of electricity.

Fortunately, Laura had been simmering a bean, ham, and barley soup in a crock pot for the better part of the day so a nice hot dinner was in still in store for us despite the lack of power. It was delicious!

As the day gave way to evening, we decided to put our time without power to good use. We fired up a few candles, broke out a board game, and had a great time wheeling and dealing our way through Junior Monopoly.

In Junior Monopoly, the Jail of regular Monopoly is replaced with a Restroom. And when you land on certain board space or draw a certain “Chance” card, you are sent to the Restroom without passing Go and without collecting your $2. Additionally you must pay a $3 fee – we referred to this as the Tinkle Tax. And some of us really had to go last night!

All in all, a good evening.



1. amazinggrazefarm - June 7, 2007

What a fun way to spend an evening without electricity!!! Who won?

2. Joe - June 8, 2007

Mommy (aka, the banker) won the game. Hmmmm….

3. amazinggrazefarm - June 8, 2007

That is very interesting. My son is always the banker and he wins…..

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